graphic of a golden bull and bitcoins

How Would You Like A Piece Of This?

price chart of bitcoin in 2017

This is the 2017 price chart for Bitcoin showing how it rose from around $900 to around $20k in about 5 months!


Then this happened….

Bitcoin dives in 2018
example of how much the price of bitcoin swings

Right about now people are usually wondering how volatile does Bitcoin get?

Have a look at the graphic from

This resembles the visual representation of static, or music and this volatility of the price of Bitcoin is extreme to say the least. In fact cryptocurrencies in general are volatile and this is often confused with risk because with most other investment strategies, extreme volatility is in fact risky.

this might even be the biggest edge with the plan's strategy....

turning extreme volatility into an asset and

something to look forward to

What About All Those Scary Headlines You Keep Reading?

Just Remember There Are Two Sides To Every Coin!

So what does this all really mean for you and your family?


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