Dan Hollings’ The Plan
Best Crypto-Trading Training Course for Beginners

Dan Hollings The Plan Best Crypto Training Course

Dan Hollings’ The Plan | Best Crypto-Trading Training Course for Beginners

The Plan by Dan Hollings is without doubt the best & top-rated, crypto trading training course for beginners.

What The Plan by Dan Hollings is NOT

The Plan by Dan Hollings is not about how to buy crypto currency hoping it will shoot up. I am going to be frank here. And blunt. This is simply a fool’s errand.

No-one has accurately predicted or indeed can predict, how high a particular crypto currency like Bitcoin can go and when it will fall.

Yes crypto currency can go up, a lot – and rapidly. But as we have more recently seen, it can also go down a lot – and rapidly. In fact it can drop like a stone literally overnight, and without warning.

World renowned crypto experts, seasoned global investment fund managers and masses of ordinary private investors – in fact, people probably just like you, have all been sucked in by the hype only to find that the crypto market is horribly fickle. Substantial gains can be made this way, but are fleeting … built on sand. Joy turns to tears as the market suddenly crashes.

Make no mistake, the crypto market takes no prisoners. It is, at its very core, intrinsically unpredictable.


In other words, Dan Hollings’ The Plan shows you how to make money when the market goes up AND when the market goes down.

Dan Hollings’ The Plan | Crypto Training for Beginners | What it IS


So, what IS The Plan? And how can you make money when the market goes up AND down?
In a nutshell, The Plan shows you how to automate profit by playing off against each other one selected crypto currency against another selected crypto currency.

In other words, it shows crypto currency trading beginners how to profit from the intrinsic volatility of crypto currencies. It explains how to choose pairs of crypto currencies, and then profit from the almost minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour price fluctuations or “wiggle” between them.

So when one currency moves higher or lower than the other one, money flows to you!

In essence, it really is that simple. And the beauty of it all is, that once set up, there is minimum on-going work needed. Truly. Maybe 30 minutes a week. We are talking passive income here.

This is why The Plan by Dan Hollings is perfect for beginners. It uses what are called “Bots” (short for robots). These bots contain the settings of when to buy and when to sell one of the chosen pair of crypto currencies. Once set up, they are then implemented automatically.

The crypto currency training course shows you how to firstly off choose the crypto coin pairs, and then how to automate the selling and buying by leveraging the minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, daily price fluctuations.

This is how Dan Hollings himself and some of his founding students describe it:


But Is The Plan By Dan Hollings Really Right For Beginner Crypto Traders?

Plan Dan Hollings Top Crypto Buy Sell Training Course
Are you in the right place at the right time?
  • Bitcoin is more scarce than gold.
  • There will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoin in the future.
  • Bitcoin has created 60,000 millionaires today.
Ask yourself these questions:

• Does the fear of not having enough money to retire on keep you awake at night?
• Would you like to get a better return on your investment capital?
• Are you concerned with how much less $100 buys in the grocery store than it did a couple of years ago?
• Are you interested in earning passive income that you can spend and enjoy today?

For possibly the first time ever, people from all corners of the world and all walks of life stand to benefit equally regardless of their net worth, level of education, color of skin, race, religion, gender, connections, nationality, etc.

In today’s world, nearly the entire literate population has the same opportunity for exponential financial growth thanks to the low-risk investing strategies taught in The Plan when applied to the crypto currency market which is still widely considered a ground floor opportunity.

Until now, the average person has had limited options when it comes to saving their money and investing for the future.

The unfortunate truth is that the world of centralized finance and investing is rigged, and it’s not in favor of the individual. Regular people don’t even get the chance to step up to the plate of some of the most lucrative and favorable investments that exist.

It’s all under the guise of “protecting the masses” but the reality is these optimal investments are purposely kept exclusive and available only to the affluent, leaving the most basic investments with the least favorable tax treatment for everyone else.

Due to heavy compliance and strict regulations governing anyone with investing advice, there has been very little that sub seven-figure net worth individuals could do to get access to above average investments, until now.

Dan Hollings’ Crypto Training | The Plan Availability

In stark contrast to the world of investing over the last several dozen decades, this investing strategy is open to everyone with very few limitations:

• People must open their own exchange account and manage their own investment capital. With The Plan, each individual is responsible for their own money and own account and will never relinquish control to anyone.

• People are required to take approx. 12-15 hours of training to learn this income generating skill that can be used for the rest of their life. 30 minutes/week thereafter for monitoring.
• An internet connection and device larger than a smart phone is required.
• Once The Plan is learned, it must be followed.

The Plan Dan Hollings Best Beginner Bitcoin Investment Training Course

The Plan is already being used by people in over 120 countries to supplement incomes, beef up savings, and improve lifestyles today.

Some are calling this moment in time a once in a 1,000-year opportunity.

The Plan Dan Hollings Top Crypto Currency Beginner Trading Course

You already know those paper bills do not buy anywhere near what they used to…

that’s inflation & devaluation And it’s eroding your lifestyle.

If you want to explore your options and learn more, you can take part in a FREE webinar training that will explain The Plan, and why NOW is the best time to consider crypto investing for beginners, presented by Dan Hollings.


We are not accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, or tax advisers, and as such we cannot and do not give advice on financial, tax, or legal matters. Our trainings and services are for educational and entertainment purposes only. No matter what you may hear us discuss, which is based on our own personal experiences and/or that of our customers, in the end our best advice is… DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and consult your own accountant, financial advisor, legal advisor, and/or tax advisor before investing.As with any other investment opportunity, cryptocurrencies have risk and it is possible that you may lose anything you invest (including due to circumstances outside of your control). Therefore, you should not risk money you cannot afford to lose. It is important to repeat… do your own research and make your own informed decisions about how to invest your money.