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TOP-TIER Investments You Can Never Have & 1 You Can Thanks To

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Dan Hollings The Plan

Hey, Did You Know You’re Too Stupid To Choose A Good Investment? 


Or that you need to be protected against your own ignorance? That is what your government and policymakers decided decades ago in what was likely one of the first gatherings of the good old boys club, or the profit hoarders as I like to call them.



Picture this; a rather remote island somewhere in the Atlantic where men of means and power could meet with no concern of prying eyes, cameras, or eves droppers. In the comfortable and beautiful surroundings, the unwitting engineers of the financial destiny of countless generations would gather to scheme and plot.


Does this sound like a movie script? Too far-fetched to be believed…..?


Have you ever heard of The Creature From Jekyll Island? This fascinating book written by Edward G. Griffin gives the account of the 6 men who met in secret off the coast of Georgia on Jekyll Island in 1910 to draft up what would become the reformed banking system for the nation. This would later become known as the Federal Reserve System for the United States of America.



The long list of ways that the Federal Reserve swindles the unsuspecting masses goes well outside the scope of this article, however, the main one being addressed here is INVESTMENT DISCRIMINATION which was conceived, formed, and enforced by the fed, and followed by many other men (and women) who would come to power.



In essence, it was decided that only “accredited investors” would get access to the top, most lucrative, most tax-advantageous investments that exist.



This sweeping insult was conceived on the premise that average people of average means couldn’t understand the complexities and therefore needed to be protected from themselves by having their access denied.



It’s important to note that this blanket rule is enforced regardless of the level of due-diligence documentation that is provided by “the investment”, meaning it actually had nothing to do with how simple or complex an investment really was.



It all came down to 1 thing and that is how many zeros make up your net worth, and keeping average people out.


The definition today of an accredited investor is one with a liquid net worth of over $1 million usd. 



Many have speculated when this benchmark may be increased, to say $3 million or more. ($1m is not what it used to be!)



Today’s reality has revealed the devaluation of the United States Dollar (and nearly every other fiat currency in existence today) is extensive and the only collateral that backs it is nothing more than the government’s printing press.



You would be hard-pressed to find any top currency in the world today backed by any real, tangible thing. In the case of the USA it was 1971 when the sitting president at the time (Nixon) took the US dollar off the gold standard, and that falling domino changed everything.




Fort Knox Bullion Depository

Up to that point, Fort Knox (yes it is a real place) had enough gold in its reserves to literally back every US dollar that existed and once that link was severed; 

  • the printing presses took over, 
  • inflation became a constant, and 
  • the amount of ‘anything’ you could buy with those dollars went on a steady decline that continues all over the world to this day.

Due to this INVESTMENT DISCRIMINATION, 96% of us never even know about the TOP-TIER investment opportunities that exist because the profit hoarders keep them set aside for those well-heeled folks who make up that tiny 4% portion of society.




This is all set to change thanks to the convergence of 3 vitally important things:

1) The inception of cryptocurrencies in the digital age,

2) the mainstream adoption of the blockchain that permanently records all crypto transactions, and

3) The Plan by Dan Hollings which teaches average people how to profit from crypto. 


Skip down if you’re not interested in the breakdown of these three critical factors….


You see these three factors have just now collided, within the last 12 months and in so doing, created what is being called the opportunity of our lifetime, possibly even a once in a thousand years opportunity.

Needless to say, it’s well worth taking a closer look at regardless of where you measure up as an investor in knowledge and on paper, what you think you know about crypto, or how little or much time you have in your day and until retirement.



graphic of various cryptos


These are digital assets that we can’t hold in our hands or crumple up and put in our pockets. They are digital currencies that are also called coins. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two giants in the space, maybe you have heard of them?



As this article is being written in early April 2022 one Bitcoin is worth approx. $47,000 and the market cap of Bitcoin as a whole is pushing $900 billion (that’s almost 1 trillion and the biggest company on the planet today is Apple which is worth around $3 trillion).


This is no flash in the pan!


Ironically, cryptos are basically backed by the same thing as fiat currencies these days, which is the actual market itself and the companies (or governments) that make up the market. 



In cryptoland, there are thousands of coins/currencies and just as there are thousands of stocks in the market, not all of them will survive making it vitally important to choose which crypto to invest in wisely!



The Blockchain is a digital record book that is omnipresent over the entire online network we like to loosely call the internet. The blockchain is a permanent ledger that can be accessed anytime, at any place the network exists. 




In other words, if you’ve got internet, the Blockchain is there and anyone can access it and look at the records.



This is what makes it so strong and important because once an entry is made it can never be deleted or changed. It is virtually impossible because the entire network would have to make the same change to the record book at the same time, making this the most secure system of ownership titles that currently exists on the planet.



Each time a crypto is bought, sold, or transferred the transaction is recorded permanently on the Blockchain for the world to see.



Before we get to the third factor let’s talk about the elephant in the room……





Experts in the space all agree that crypto is now too far along to be stopped or destroyed by a government, a serious network crash, or a solar flare! 



There was a time early on when crypto may have bee ‘destroyable’ but that day has long since passed to the point where some of the smartest people in our society are now asking how much longer fiat currencies will survive….



It is important to note that while crypto will be around for the foreseeable future, individual governments can take steps to limit or ban it within their borders.



It is also unlikely that first-world nations will outright ban it because there will be too much money to be made by governments by way of taxes, fees, and 3rd party services.



In fact the USA just declared it will watch the crypto market over the next year and “encourage it as an innovation” which is akin to cryptocurrencies getting a green light in the USA.



Another HUGE development was the UK coming out and announcing that it plans to become the global hub for cryptocurrency development.


These are two neon-green lights for cryptocurrencies from two of the most powerful nations on the planet.


You see, it’s the combination of the world now being in the digital age plus the inception of a permanent, fully transparent record book called the Blockchain that gives cryptocurrencies credibility and endurance. 



Add to this the crypto trading training system called The Plan, and we have the perfect storm of conditions to create the investing opportunity of a lifetime. 



If one of these components was missing, it would not be the behemoth of an opportunity that it actually is.



The problem is, it’s volatile and complicated making it just about as hard to invest in as those upper tier investments that are set aside for the accredited folks, that is until this happened…..




picture of Dan Hollings playing guitar

If this was a fairytale, the Fed would be the wicked witch, the profit hoarders would be the trolls, you and I would be the kindhearted villagers just trying to make their way, and Dan Hollings would be the knight galloping in on the white stallion!

What Dan did was unintended, he never meant to create The Plan and that might make it even more powerful than if he had.

The Plan is a crypto trading training program that teaches beginners how to invest in crypto, and how to profit from the crazy volatility of this market (which is arguably the most volatile market in existence today). 

There are many impressive things about The Plan however the top 3 are:

1) It teaches how to make truly passive income with a set and forget system,

2) the amount of capital needed to follow The plan is in the low thousands making this investment strategy within reach for the masses,

3) and it is open to anyone regardless of financial standing, gender, race, age, education level, social position, profession, political affiliation, culture, believes, etc.

Another extremely important fact is that when following The Plan all of your investment capital remains in your name and under your control. 

This is not a dressed-up pyramid or Ponzi scheme and you can take your money out of cryptoland anytime you want penalty-free.


This IS a legitimate opportunity that can produce life-changing income with very little time and capital.




That’s what I thought too until I dug deeper and joined the program to find out firsthand how this thing works and if it’s as great as the claims state. What I found is that it is.

Interested parties can CLICK HERE to read the TLDR review of The Plan by Dan Hollings which also shows some of my actual results.

For the purpose of this article, suffice to say my returns were stellar (averaging 1% per day – annualize that!) until the market crashed making this the ideal place to address:




You can read much more in the official review of The Plan by Dan Hollings, but there are a few things that cause people to lose money using The Plan strategy:

  • Trying to time the market and predict when to buy low and sell high (this is impossible to do and not what The Plan teaches yet people still try).
  • Panicking and closing a bot when the crypto coin is down (not recommended in The Plan but people sometimes people do it anyway!).
  • Deciding to invest in risky coins that may not be around tomorrow (also not recommended in The Plan but people sometimes people do it anyway!).

There are a few more reasons, however, the important point to takeaway here is that if The Plan is followed, it really is virtually impossible to lose your investment. You may (and probably will) lose a bit here and there on small fees, but your investment capital will always stay safe and protected if you follow The Plan.

Take my account as an example, it was averaging a daily return of 1% (that’s 1% every day!) for months before Bitcoin crashed in December 2021. As I write today, 4 months later Bitcoin is just now thought to be recovering – time will tell and this has been an unusually long crash. (Most of the time the recoveries are within days or weeks.)

During these 4 months, most of my bots have been out of range, a place I call the no-profit zone. The bots will go out of range whenever there is a sharp price change that happens too quickly for the bot to keep up. 

The fix when this happens is to wait, and do nothing as Dan likes to say.

There are other advanced strategies that can be utilized for the less patient among us, however, if high caliber coins were selected for your bot you essentially have nothing to worry about and must only wait for the time to pass and for the market to recover which brings the price back up into your profit zone, aka the grid.


This is an extremely simplistic glimpse of how the grid bot works with the super important message being that no bot will remain in the profit zone indefinitely. 

It would be great if they did but on the other hand that would mean there is less volatility and profits would be smaller…. So it’s a good thing, in fact, that the grid bots pop in and out of the grid and this is to be expected.

It really is a trade-off, between the times when we are in the no-profit zone (that are normally short and counted in days) with the times we are in the zone, raking in passive income minute by minute just for knowing how to create a good bot that took us less than 20 minutes to put together!

If this is starting to sound phenomenal, then you are getting the full picture here.


You might be wondering “Why aren’t the profit hoarders keeping this to themselves with all the other top-tier investment opportunities?” That is a great question and the answer is because they can’t. HA!


It’s because cryptocurrencies (aka digital assets) and the Blockchain live and exist in a “decentralized space” (online) meaning no body owns, governs, or controls any of it. 


In stark contrast is the centralized world we all grew up in and live in now where pretty well everything is owned or controlled by a government or company, who makes rules and requirements (such as the $1 million net worth to come to the table).


Decentralization however, is a double edged sword.



On the one hand, we have an open transparent system that anyone can invest in, and on the other hand we have no rules and no one to go to if things go wrong (and they can).

Today you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has not heard of someone getting scammed in crypto and sadly the crypto space is teeming with crooks. 

After all, what better place for thieves to be then somewhere with virtually no recourse even if they get caught?

It is really not as bleak as all that because there are many measures from our centralized world  that make it extremely difficult for crypto crooks to operate.

For example, converting stolen crypto into fiat and transferring it back out into the brick and mortar world requires several steps that will not be easy to make under dodgy conditions. 

There are also people like Dan Hollings who prepare us with what to watch out for and avoid.

cover of pdf on crypto security


For a limited time you can get a free copy of The Crypto Security Checklist 



My hope with this article is for people to realize The Plan and cryptocurrencies are not the latest investment vehicle dreamed up by the wizards of wall street…. 

This investment opportunity would not be so special without all 3-key factors: Crypto + Blockchain + The Plan

THAT is why the timing could not be more perfect to join The Plan now and start investing in cryptocurrencies today.


BE CAREFUL! Gone are the days where you can sit back in martyr-ville, blissfully unaware and complaining about the system being rigged against you…..


Like it or not, you now know better! You Now Know:
  • about an opportunity that is still considered to be in its early stages making today’s newcomers early adopters,
  • that this once in a lifetime opportunity is within reach and open to the masses,
  • and that you now have a legitimate option available that has the power to change your financial future.
The question is what will you do with this knowledge? 

The one thing you can no longer do is blame the limitations that the centralized system places on you, because you have just been handed your way out.

Will you take it?
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For a limited time you can watch this short video and see Dan explain more about The Plan and why now is a great time to start investing in crypto. WATCH NOW

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